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PO: RR #1   Sundre, AB   T0M 1X0 ~ LEGAL: 32061 R.R. 44   Sundre, AB ~ Land Title: N1/2 of 4- 32 - 4 W5 (Main Operation)

Phone: 403.827.8039 ~ Email:




Established in 1974

A Family Farm for 50 Years


The farm has been in our family since 1974, when Barb’s father bought his first half section on the west side of the Little Red Deer River near Bergen, AB. In 1989, Barb inherited the land. We bought our first Simmentals in 1996 and haven’t looked back.


What We Do

Our focus in recent years has been acquiring and developing some of the best Full Fleckvieh and Purebred Red Simmental genetics available. In August of 2019, Jim & Dea Neufeld joined our operation as farm managers. Jim is a seasoned cowboy and an accomplished herd manager. We are grateful for the expertise he brings to Wells' Crossing.

Over the past 40 years we have developed a superior herd of Simmental genetics. Crossing these traits with Red Angus bulls has allowed us to expand into the commercial beef market, supplying superior grass-fed beef to our customers.


We thank you for your interest and continued support of all aspects of the Wells’ Crossing operations.

The Cichon family, Barb, Stan, Jean, Dave & Mike


our story


The Cattle
  • Naturally pasture raised on a local ranch

  • No added hormones or antibiotics

  • Grass fed and finished

  • Genetics sourced and sold world-wide



The Producer
  • Local Multigenerational family farm near Sundre since 1974

  • Members of the Canadian & Alberta Simmental Association

  • Members VBP + 1

  • Employs sustainable agricultural practices



The Process
  • Processed animals are at their peak-age and health

  • All beef is dry aged 28 days and 100% traceable

  • Government inspected before during and after slaughter with the highest level of plant sanitation

  • Cryovac package for superior storage

  • Custom processed, NOT mass produced



The Product

Research has shown that finishing cattle on a grass-fed diet has many significant health benefits for consumers compared to grain fed beef.

  • Four times Vitamin E and A precursors over feedlot cattle

  • Higher content of cancer fighting antioxidants like superoxide dismutase and glutathione

  • More desirable omega-6 to omega-3 ratio

Two to three times more conjugated linoleic acid



At Wells Crossing, all our animals are government registered with traceable lineage. They are naturally pasture-raised with respect for the ecosystem.  Our cattle are steroid hormone-free and naturally pasture-raised.


Wells Crossing Beef is dry-aged for 28 days in a provincially inspected, temperature regulated abattoir prior to cutting and cryovac-wrapping.  Our dry-aged beef loses 22-23 percent of the weight of the animal through water loss, a significant difference that you can taste. Unaged store-bought feedlot beef is not only full of hormones and antibiotics, but also full of water; that water dilutes the taste and evaporates when cooked.  With Wells’ Crossing beef you won’t have to worry about paying for beef and getting water in return.



Alright, it has to be said, I have never had beef like this. The flavors are rich, this is what I imagine beef is supposed to taste like. Great job gentlemen, I shall be purchasing from yoy moving forward.

Sam K. ~ Calgary, AB

Just wanted to let you know I BBQ’d one of the steaks yesterday and it was fabulous, so good and thank-you.


Kevin D. ~ Calgary, AB

The beef…   It’s awesome!!!


Michael T. ~ Calgary, AB

Simply a great product! I noticed the differences immediately: superior packaging, lack of shrinkage when cooked, beautiful sear, and tender, juicy mouthfuls. It is clear that the highest standards are used from field to freezer to ensure quality and taste. Kudos to Well's Crossing Cattle Co. for raising the bar on what we eat.


Elaine H. ~ Calgary, AB





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PO: RR #1   Sundre, AB   T0M 1X0 ~ LEGAL: 32061 R.R. 44   Sundre, AB ~ Land Title: N1/2 of 4- 32 - 4 W5

Phone: 403.827.8039 ~ Email:

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